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Weird LED Stuff for the Bathroom

I like LED and some things are cool with LED added to it. If you are into weird items for your house, here are two more weird items we found.

How about an LED toilet paper holder? I suppose if you spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom, watching the holder change colors would be entertaining … for a bit.

LED Toilet Paper Holder

Wait we are not done yet! With the LED toilet paper holder, you need an LED toilet night light with a motion sensor.

LED Toilet Night Light

So now you can have a decked-out bathroom. If you want to add to it, there is the LED shower head and the LED soap pump.

Is it too much? Maybe not for some, but for me, it is a bit much. I like LED but I really do not need my toilet or the paper holder to light up.

What do you think? Is this something you would want?

Purrs & Roars,

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