Resin Experiment

So I have been playing around with resin.  I had seen many videos on YouTube and thought I would give it a try.


I added some flower beads in the first one.  The second one I played around with some puff paint.  The third I put foil stickers in it and the last one I put in a regular sticker.


Then I added some glitter. I did not use the fine glitter, but regular craft glitter.


Finally I added another layer of resin.


The end results were mixed.  I like part of how the flower beads looked, but it did not turn out really great.  The one with the puff paint had weak spots in it.  I should have waited for the first layer to dry and then added the paint.  The foil sticker one turned out good.  The regular sticker was okay.  I did not seal the sticker first, so the resin stained it.  Also the glitter I fount it too over whelming since it was large glitter.

It was fun to experiment and I can’t wait to do some charms.

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