Recycling Crayons

I cleaned out my daughter’s crayon bucket to recycling broken crayons. This was a fail, but I did learn a few things.

There is a big difference in store-bought crayons (Crayola & Rose Art) and restaurant crayons.

Crayons are made with paraffin wax and color pigments. It’s these ingredients that make a difference.

Crayola and Rose Art brand melts nicely. The restaurant crayons do not. The paraffin and pigment separate. You end up with the paraffin on the surface and the pigment at the bottom. As the crayon melts it looks oily and they don’t melt very well.

If you don’t want the colors to end up all blended making an ugly color, do not layer. Just cover the bottom of your mold/pan. You will get the pretty marble/patch look.

The top of the melted crayons.


The bottomĀ of the melted crayons.


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