I had seen posts about melting pony beads, so I wanted to try it.  But I did not use pony bead, but other types of plastic beads.


The experimenting  was a success and a fail at the same time. I was not sure if the beads I used would work. It did so that was a success.



It was a fail due to the pain I used. My MIL gave me her very old muffin pan. I used it not wanting to ruin my good pan. When I popped the disc out, the caked on stuff ended up on the back of the disc melted in. I did scrub the pan good and even tried the peroxide trick (it did not work). Not sure how to get the pan clean outside of sandblasting it. I’m going to try  scrubbing it with Bar Keepers Friend and see how that works.


The end results. My daughter took them. We will glue them to sticks, so she can place them in her Maw Maw’s garden.

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