Ear Bud Holder

I recycled an Ice Breakers Duo container into an ear bud holder.

I pealed off the label. Since it came off in one piece, I used it for my template.


I stuck the label on the back of the sheet of  decorative Duck Tab.


Cut it out.


Then I drilled holes on the side. I goofed and spaced them a bit too far apart.  So be sure they are close or it will be hard to put the finding on.


Then I added my Duck Tape cut out. I trimmed around the lid to follow the lid.


Finally I added the finding.


Now you have a easy access ear bud case.


Some other materials you could use for decoration are: fabric, various craft papers, decoden (I want to try this next), stickers and various other items you can think of.  Just have fun with it.

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